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Privacy Policy

Bhupii technologies respect your privacy and are obliged to guard the information you provide us through this website. We don't market or distribute user information to third parties unless it is lawfully required. We collect user information in order to fulfill your requirements and respond to your information demands.

The privacy and security of user's data are an essential part of the Bhupii technologies business. This statement offers our clients the support and our dedication to information & data security compliance. We are obligated to respect your online privacy and acknowledge your need for proper management and protection of any personally identifiable information you share with us. Bhupii technologies focus on the continual improvement of its privacy policy.

Collecting user information

We gather information about our web visitors indirectly through our Internet access logs. When you access, the browser’s domain name and Internet address are automatically gathered and stored in our Internet access logs. We utilize this information to learn about which sections, pages, and information website visitors access.